Out of all the major appliances in your household, the dishwasher is the one that is either used on a regular basis or not at all—or not like it was meant to be utilized. For instance, you might be using the dishwasher to air dry your dishes after you hand wash them, or just after major dinner get together. Regardless of how frequent you use it, there might come a moment when your dishwasher will fail to drain properly. This can be observed once you open the lid and then notice standing water at the bottom. However, the most obvious indicator of the issue is when the water comes out of the appliance while washing your dishes. If you are curious about the reasons why this happens to your appliance, check out some steps you should do once your dishwasher won’t drain. 

Run the garbage disposal 

Your dishwasher might be working well, however, it won’t seem that way once the garbage disposal is jam-packed or there’s an existing air gap in a connecting hose. Keep in mind that both can stop water from draining out properly. 

Load dishes properly 

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. There is actually a proper way when it comes to loading a dishwasher. Similarly, there are also incorrect ways to do so. You just need to guarantee that the dishes won’t get crammed together, prevent clogging the jets, and face them toward the water jets.  

Inspect for clogs 

Your dishwasher’s bottom and inside part is a debris and food catcher. Hence, ensure that that fallen debris and items are not obstructing the flow of water. 

Clean the filter 

Dishwasher filters should be regularly cleaned. Otherwise, it can be clogged. A lot of filters are on the unit’s inside bottom. However, try to look at the owner’s manual to know where the filter is located and when you need to clean it. 

Inspect your drain hose 

A drain hose is a component that connects the sink to the garbage disposal. To check for clogs, make sure that you straighten the hose and then blow the air carefully through the hose or slip through it using a rod. Moreover, guarantee that to tighten the hose seal. 

Check the drain valve 

The drain valve must be inspected. It can usually be located on the valve bracket below the dishwasher. Make sure that the valve can freely move and isn’t frozen. 

Pay attention for weird sounds 

While you run your machine, take some time to observe whether it makes weird noises. Clicking or humming could indicate that the motor or the drain pump should be replaced. 

Unclog the drain basket 

Drain basket is located at the side or bottom part of the appliance. Inspect if there’s any dish detergent or food clogs. From time to time, make sure to wash out the basket. 

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